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Hello, welcome back again. I’m really excited today to be showing you my 10 best Korean exfoliator products. I love K-beauty products skincare in particular just because it has changed my life and my confidence forever. The products that I’ll be sharing today are products that I always fall back on. These are products that have really worked for my skin, such as the best exfoliating face mask, best gentle chemical exfoliant, best Korean exfoliating pads. All these products I have repurchased multiple times. So let’s get started.

By Wishtrend Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water

Mandelic acid is a component that derived from almonds, and almonds are a great exfoliator it’s a type of AG acid that has larger molecular size, meaning that it’s a little bit more gentle than other AG that are in the market. The almond exfoliating scrub is a great way to gently exfoliate the skin without having too abrasive. It also breaks down keratinocytes which hold the dead skin cells in your skin, but this will melt away all the dead skin cells, meaning it will increase your cellular turnover, removing the dead skin cells, and helping you to achieve an overall brighter complexion.

We recommend using this brightening exfoliating scrub in the evening with like a little cotton swab, just wipe it on your face and you’ll wake up with smoother skin in the next day.

BLITHE Patting Water Pack Soothing & Healing Green Tea

BLITHE Patting Water Pack Soothing & Healing Green Tea

The Blithe soothing & healing green tea splash mask was the easiest way for me to get a really good exfoliation into my routine, while also seeing really fast and immediate results. A splash mask for anyone who doesn’t know, it’s basically a really concentrated formula, it has a lot of lactic acid which is kind of like the main exfoliating ingredient, and it also has glycolic acid.

You dilute it with the shower water, so you take a capful, you pour it into your hands, and you splash it on your face along with shower water which helps dilute the formula and make it something less harsh and a little bit more gentle.

Every time I’ve used it, my skin would be glowing and bright and radiant for days afterward. This green tea exfoliating mask was my favorite exfoliator, but I still really like the other nominees and I’m definitely still on the hunt for that holy grail exfoliator.

Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Green Tea

Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Green Tea

Exfoliating is very important because the dead skin cells on your face can break you out by clogging up your pores, and when the weather is hot and humid, your pores are open, so you need to like clean it up, so exfoliation and pore mask is great for that.

The Neogen exfoliating pads green tea is my favorite way of exfoliating because it’s so gentle. You basically use the gauze side, and then you flip it over smooth everything out and wash it with lukewarm water. It’s a green tea exfoliating scrub. Green tea is a popular ingredient for acne-prone skin because it’s like a powerful antioxidant. It also helps fade acne scars. The thing I like about it is not just all about the textured cotton pad, but actually a formula of it. It’s for the skin which is important for me. Don’t do exfoliating every day, just once or twice a week. I just do it every other week because I don’t want to exploit too much, but depending on like the weather.

For daily exfoliation for acne scars I highly recommend the Neogen Dermalogy bio peel gauze peeling green tea face pads. It’s the best Korean exfoliator for acne prone skin.

NAKEUP FACE 10% AHA Scaling Cream

NAKEUP FACE 10% AHA Scaling Cream

Does exfoliating help with acne scars? Can exfoliating help scars? Will exfoliating help scars? For those of you who easily get acne scarring and needs help that battle for dark spots. This glycolic acid face exfoliator helps pitted acne scarring and texture overall pores smoothness. It feels like a white cream so much, this is kind of strong, so I don’t recommend for sensitive skin.

Glycolic acid exfoliant basically resurfaces the skin, it helps the way like makes your skin need to recover and create collagen and like regenerative stuff. I like to use this the day before I have something going on, because the next morning my skin is completely like transforming, it’s a lot more plump and smoother.

This AHA chemical exfoliant is quite strong, so only for those of you that have more severe cases, this AHA exfoliant definitely helps. For super sensitive skin people I don’t think you need this, you can go with something lighter. This is the best face exfoliator for acne scars.

Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off

NAKEUP FACE 10% AHA Scaling Cream

This next one is a very famous one. I think everyone I’ve ever talked to has enjoyed this product. You have to pick it up basically if you’re ever going to Korea or if you ever have the opportunity to buy Korean products. This is awesome because it is the best exfoliator I’ve ever tried in my life. It has sugar granules, you can basically pick up the granules and they work really well on your skin.

The benefits of exfoliating with sugar are that you can kind of tailor it to your skin type, so if you have sensitive skin you can dilute the sugar in more water, and the grains will kind of soft more, so you get kind of finer exfoliation, but if you really like that kind of gritty, really gets your skin clean, kind of exfoliator, you can basically put it on your face pretty much dry, I mean you do want to put a little bit of water on. You also leave it on for 10-15 minutes and wash off. It’s just an awesome mask. There’s not much more I could say about it.

This is a sugar exfoliating scrub and it leaves your face feeling very soft after washing it off. The key ingredient to this exfoliating sugar scrub is black sugar which gives you hydrated and glowing skin. The first thing you might notice when you open up the packaging is the smell. The smell is fresh lemongrass and it’s a pleasant scent. Apply on a dead space after you have washed it, spread the product around, avoiding the eye area. The product has sugar grains that work very well as an exfoliator when you massage it into your face.

You should be careful when using this product to however as it can scratch your face if you scrub too hard. If you don’t know how to exfoliate face with sugar, this Skinfood black sugar face exfoliator will help. Basically, I use this may be about once a week, I wouldn’t use it more than once a week just because it can definitely damage your skin if you use it too much.

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

This purity exfoliating clay mask is from Innisfree. Obviously, they have a version that is just the normal volcanic pore clay mask, but this is the super one essentially they’re kind of the same thing, I’m pretty sure. What makes it kind of special is it has volcanic clay from Jeju Island. Their clay is using a lot of ingredients, especially in Innisfree.

This clay mask is awesome because if you’re having one of those skin days, were your skin does feel stuffy and clogged, it just really needs to be purified. This is a really good clay exfoliation that takes all of that dirt, sebum, and yucky makeup all out of your skin without over-drying it. I know a lot of people enjoy this for exfoliate pores. It’s just a typical clay mask, so you probably use one before. This is an awesome Korean one to try.

COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid

COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid

I like a lot of COSRX products, so actually, another one of their products made it into my list. This is great for blackheads and just a really nice chemical BHA exfoliant, because it gently exfoliates to the skin and removes dead skin cells, and sits on your face that clog pores. It just helps to keep your skin pure and clean which is why is labeled as a blackhead treatment.

However, I use this once a week to give myself an exfoliating treatment, so I know that my cells are turning over, and I’m not having dead skin sitting on my pores or not having any excess, sebum or oil sitting on my pores, so this also helps regulate with that. The reason why it’s labeled as the blackhead power liquid is that if you use it for a long amount of time, it will treat blackheads which is essential with salicylic acid is really nice.

If you’re looking for a blackhead treatment or if you’re like me, and you just want to find a nice acidic exfoliator, definitely go for this one. It’s super easy to use. I really like COSRX so general they have a lot of great products and definitely in my top ten. This is the best face exfoliator for blackheads and best BHA exfoliant from Korea.

Neogen Dermalogy Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine

Neogen Dermalogy Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine

Exfoliating is a thing you want to do 1-2 even 3 times a week, maybe depending on your skin type, to help remove any dead skin that is sitting on your face, to help on clogged pores to just make your skin look brighter, and help regenerate your skin in general.

I really really like Neogen bio-peel gauze peeling wine. This is another brand that I really like a lot of their products from. Definitely a brand to look out for. these are wine exfoliating pads, a little envelope that fit your finger in. It has a more abrasive side on one side, and a softer side on the other. So I’ve massaged with the abrasive side, just to manually exfoliate my skin. This also contains fermented wine extracts and fruit extracts in this which is good for chemically exfoliating your skin. It has both a chemical and a manual exfoliation all-in-one.

So you’re kind of like me, and I do like to chemically exfoliate my skin, but sometimes I like the satisfaction of manually exfoliate my skin, but I don’t want to completely wipe off the top surface of my skin or ruin and fit out my skin. This Korean wine exfoliator is something good to go for that you won’t do that.

Missha Super Aqua Smooth Skin Peeling Pad

Missha Super Aqua Smooth Skin Peeling Pad

This aqua exfoliator is great for maintenance throughout the week, but kind of more for a gentle like daily, or maybe just at night to let your skin breath again and helps skincare absorb deeply, or just the in the morning to improve makeup adherence. This works great for getting rid of all my dead skin cells and flaky without irritation. The pads are very smooth. This is a really gentle peeling exfoliant and I would definitely recommend.



This chemical exfoliation for acne is for people who have rising pimples and want to treat it. You can just use a dab of it, and just apply it before you go to bed. That will harden it and when you wash it off, most of the time the yellow pus is gone when you remove it. During the hot weather your pores are opening up, your skin heats up which can also break you out, too yes, because when you’re outside it’s hot, but when you come inside the air conditioner your pores are just kind of close. You have to use exfoliate pores because you got to clean it up. Otherwise, the whiteheads and blackheads are just going to build up, and then it can just like wake you out.

I like this gentle exfoliator acne because it’s one that really makes a difference even if you use only a few minutes. You’re going to actually use these daily, most of the time. You hear people say to use the only 2-3 times a week, but if you actually apply like a serum or something you can use that as like a buffer, you can really mix this with a serum and apply it. It’s a little bit more gentle and that I got using more daily. It really soaks up that extra oil and my skin is a little bit more matte throughout the day. And if you like breakout you can use it as like a spot treatment.

This exfoliation treatment is great for acne. A tip for using like clay masks in general, after you wash your face tone up first to balance the pH level, and then apply this because these are a lot harsh on the skin, so you definitely want to kind of protection. This is the best chemical exfoliant for acne.

That’s for 10 best Korean exfoliating products. I really hope this will be helpful to you. All these products I’ve been using them for a very long time and worked wonder on my skin. Please let me know in the comments down below if you have any more recommendations for skincare because there are so many more Korean skincare products that work very well. I will see you in the next one.


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